Class Ultimates

Axie CLASSES bonus will be released in Q1 2023, stay tune!

How to Charge
🐦 Bird
Extraordinary agility allows you to dodge any incoming hit!
Avoid Damage
🪲 Bug
It's said that certain bugs can slow down all monsters on screen!
Kill Monsters
🐟 Aqua
Create 4 ice clones to distract and freeze monsters!
Get Damaged
🐆 Beast
Dash forward like a brave predator!
Kill Monsters
🦎 Reptile
Boost your speed & slip away by cursing & knocking enemies back!
Get Damaged
🌵 Plant
Summon power of unlimited growth and heal 20% of your HP!
Collect Gems
🌕 Dawn
Rise again and recover 50% of your HP!
Collect Gems
🤖 Mech
Perform impossible RNG calculations and earn additional rerolls!
Avoid Damage
🌑 Dusk
Enter the realm of shadows and become invulnerable for 3 sec !
Avoid Damage