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Transparency is a very an important aspect in crypto space, I personally always put my name in the projects I'm attached to.

Tiyo has 9 years experience in crypto with 5+ successful ventures on his belt. He has been featured by Techcrunch, CoinDesk, Tech in Asia, Bloomberg and National News. You can check the complete coverage here: https://tioland.com/tiyo

The amazing dynamic duo from Poland, both Patryk and Paulina developed many innovative games together, each with its own unique and vibrant art styles. Treasures of Trisenwald, an exhilarating endless action platformer for Noticeme Game Jam 2022 DAB'S NOT DEAD, a vivid colorful rhythm game set to release on Steam in 2022 Meow at the Pumpkin Moon, a cutesy halloween theme survival game for Spoopy Jam 2021 In the Hall of the Copper King, an atmospheric exploration platformer game for Miedลบ Jam2021 Honey Beats, a fun rhythm co-op game for Game Jam Square Warsaw 2019 Nettie & Settie Save the Internet, a spaceship shooter game featuring cute dogs and kittens DIEmension, a unique top-down shooting game for Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2018

Lars is our lead developer of the web dashboard for DoLL, which has been built with the full-stack, typescript-enabled JavaScript framework Next.js, versioned via GitHub, and deployed on Vercel.

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