Dev Notes (old)

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15th July, 2022

  • Login using your account credential into the game (API complete)
  • Login will allow you play with your registered axies from the web dashboard
  • Select which defender axie that will represent your ingame character (avatar feature)
  • Entering Ranked Mode will require 1 Shield (later you can buy Shield using your SLP)
  • Post game results are sent to database and can be presented in web dashboard
  • Waves of enemies up to 24 minutes of gameplay
  • Over 20 enemies sprites in the game
  • Major skills balance has been done to prep for closed alpha testing
  • Web dashboard shows your axie skills with v3 art
  • Playable game version ONLY for internal team is live today

11th July, 2022

  • Web & in-game API connections successfully connected
  • Register and verify your ronin address in web dashboard
  • Your axies are viewable in web dashboard
  • Choose & register 3 axies to be your defenders (you are going to use ingame)
  • You now can login into the game using your account credentials
  • Posting game results to database
  • Start implementing leaderboard feature
  • Start implementing Ranked Mode gated feature
  • Start implementing Avatar feature (choose one of your axie as your ingame character)

30th June, 2022

  • Web dashboard early revisions
  • Backend API connected to frontend web
  • Ronin SSO successfully implemented
  • Register Axies has been implemented
  • Start on API methods for ingame & backend database

22nd June, 2022

  • Backend Database deployed
  • Frontend web deployed
  • Ingame Main Menu done
  • Game resolutions options done
  • Started on Leaderboard and Ranking fees mechanism

15th June, 2022

  • Game Design Docs updated

10th June, 2022

  • Game menu selection has been added
  • Axie body type utility has been added
  • Axie class type utility has been added
  • Figma design for frontend web dashboard has been started
  • Backend database for web dashboard has been started
  • UI/UX for web dashboard in design
  • Ingame BOSS enemy upgrade in design

7th June, 2022

  • Exciting new projectile mechanics for unique gameplay experience
  • Frontend axieDAO SSO proof of work are done, thanks to XxGunnery
  • Backend database has been fleshed out
  • Github private repository has been created

1st June, 2022

  • Working on various types of new skills mechanics
  • Pixel art are focused on tail parts

31st May, 2022

27th May, 2022

  • More skills variables are added
  • Skills upgrade mechanics in place
  • Pixel art experimenting with 7 body types.

24th May, 2022

  • You can control the character with arrows, WASD, mouse and gamepad. Menus are yet to be done with gamepad and mouse.
  • If you lose, you will see the skill report screen. It shows Skill Name with level, Damage, Time, DPS, and Kills.
  • We only start with the first skill we choose. The rest needs to be unlocked.
  • All enemies are now wrapping around the screen.
  • Boss enemies should have proper scaling now.

23rd May, 2022

  • Damage Report added

20th May, 2022

  • More enemies added to the game

19th May, 2022

  • Orbital/Satellite type of skills has been added

17th May, 2022

  • Death/End screen added

16th May, 2022

  • Video teaser added​
  • Polished levelling up system
  • Minor bug fix for enemies
  • Enemies have attributes now (faster move speed)

13th May, 2022

12th May, 2022

  • Boss wave in place (red blinking enemy indicate its a BOSS level)
  • Added special enemy spawn (we can't kill him and he tries to escape off screen. But if we keep him inside the screen for long enough, he'll drop something interesting)
  • Improved 7 types of projectile (bouncing, pierceing, damage-onhit, angled trajectory, randomized trajectory, etc)
  • Improved collision box
  • Level up selection are added
  • Sound effects are added

10th May, 2022

  • Leveling up system is almost done

8th May, 2022

  • Focus on developing a robust projectiles system in place (easily add new type of skills relatively fast, piercing/bouncing/etc and improve certain stats according to skill's level
  • There are 7 different testing projectile types now
  • Improvements to visual effects (damage popups, camera shake, screen flashes, & distortion effect)
  • Boss wave spawning in place
  • Player's HP bar

5th May, 2022

  • Upgrading projectiles system (enemy piercing, multiple shots, critical damage, etc)
  • Basic wave system in place (every minute new wave is triggered with different intensity)
  • Started with player-enemy collision (player now have HP and can be dealt damage)
  • Testing 2 new projectiles

30th April, 2022

  • Player movement with endless map
  • Basic enemy behaviour - following player, avoiding other monsters, avoiding walls
  • Enemy spawning
  • Some effects - damage popups, particle effects
  • Basic setup for projectiles - movement, damaging monsters
  • Enemy can drop gems that we can pickup
  • Camera setup - I can add flash effects, screen shake, etc.
  • Basic HUD setup - it shows time and kill count
  • Placeholder pixel arts by Paulina

25th April, 2022

  • Game design document for MVP is done

15th March, 2022

  • Mockup prototype of game are done
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