1. New Gameplay Features

1.1 Class Ultimates - nine special abilities unique to the class of your Champion!

1.2 Passive Skills - unlock Instincts & Spirits!

1.3 Falling Stars - defeating monsters and bosses summons Falling Stars. Collect them to upgrade your Passive Skills!

1.4 Enabled Transformation Berries for Ranked mode. Using Transformation Berry during Ranked mode will cost you 1 extra shield.

1.5 Added Vintage Elixirs which allow you to change the class of your Axie for both Practice and Ranked mode. Using Vintage Elixirs during Ranked mode will cost you 1 extra shield.

1.6 Axie menu now displays your Champion Axie, instead of three registered Axies.

2. New Art

2.1 Japan, Mystic, & Summer body part collections have been added to the game.

2.2 Gen1 Sidekicks have received visual overhaul which added animations.

2.3 Special visual effects for Gen2 owners:

- All Gen2 finalists (Argentina, Morocco, France, Croatia) will see celebratory confetti during all Level Up screens.

- Custom XP meter when playing with an Argentina Sidekick.

2.4 New menu theme, just perfect for the Spring season!

3. Quality of Life Changes

3.1 Added Monster Encyclopedia. Access it on the Pause Menu during the game.

3.2 Fully rebindable controls have been added for keyboard, gamepad, and mouse.

3.3 [Android] New Controls Settings:

- Special Trigger can now be set to an on-screen button instead of being set to double-tap

- Ultimate Button

3.4 New Gameplay Setting - Double-Click Input (Enable/Disable)

3.5 Re-enabled Auto Login feature

4. Other Changes

4.1 Multiple UI adjustments & additions

4.2 Disabled damage/shield/heal entries in session logs

4.3 New vignette visual effect for better drama

4.4 Added card explorer shortcut on Skill Menu

4.5 New sound effects have been added

4.6 Disabled โ€œAxie Setโ€ feature in Skill Menu (obsolete due to enlistment changes)

4.7 Leaderboard now displays current reward pool

4.8 Anticheat adjustments

5. Ranked Mode & Game Performance

Added auto setting adjustment in Ranked mode. If your game is running below intended framerate, the game will try to force lower video settings for better performance. This will not overwrite your saved settings and it only works in Ranked mode!

6. Balance Changes (B1.1.1)

6.1 Cooldown increased from 4.5s to 5.3s for: Little Owl, Raven, Koi, Goldfish, Jaguar, Shiba

6.2 Hare - Cooldown increased from 0.45s to 0.48s

6.3 Damage decreased from 6 to 4 for: Strawberry Shortcake, Pumpkin, Watermelon

6.4 Size decreased for:

- Strawberry Shortcake (-10%)

- Pumpkin (-30%)

- Watermelon (-20%)

6.5 Damage decreased from 32 to 28 for: Ronin, Timber

6.6 Duration decreased by 2s and effect change -20% for: Rice, Fish Snack

6.7 Mosquito - Damage decreased from 24 to 20

6.8 Clamshell - Cooldown increased from 9.8s to 11.3s

6.9 Snail Shell - Damage increased from 6 to 8

6.10 Teal Shell - Cooldown increased from 9.8s to 10.3s

6.11 Attack Speed Upgrades -10% for: Incisor, Risky Beast, Buzz Buzz, Risky Fish

7. Bug Fixes

7.1 Fixed occasional inconsistency of monster knockback resistance

7.2 Fixed multiple visual bugs

7.3 Fixed anticheat crashing the game due to sudden performance drops

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