Timeline and objectives are subject to changes.
NEW roadmap will be added here, stay tune!

#1 MVP

🎮 Working gameplay mechanics (control ingame character with auto attacking skills) 🎮 Playable skills (5-10 skills to choose from) 🎮 Create waves of enemies (monster with different hp & move-speed) 🌐 Account creation by connecting their ronin wallet 🌐 Set the account ingame character based on the axie they register 🌐 Setup backend db to store account data for the game (sprite-img, skill-lvl, highscore, etc) 🌐 Equip skills based on the axie they own
Imported axie vector assets to game engine
Few characters from axie assets are animated

#2 Alpha

🎮 Add more playable skills (132 skills to match Axie Infinity total available skills) 🎮 Add more variation waves of enemies (every x minute will spawn challenging mobs) 🌐 GET and POST data from/to game client 🌐 Upgrade skills by using SLP 🌐 Account credential to login to game client
All assets from axie are imported and animated (there are 132 parts variation from axie assets)